Friday, October 5, 2012

poem || Edward Nichols


               Transitional polyester coincides with undertones developed interim by bandwidths hollowed out at the Tritone, engined by surplus manufactured Trilateral commision who commissioned Av ante-Garde Art and Literature for posterity.
                  Posterity for Literature and Art Avante -Garde commissioned who commissioned Trilateral manufactured surplus by engined, Tritone the at out hollowed bandwidths by interim developed undertones with coincides polyester Transitional.
                   Jaundiced matrimony held captive by complexities skilled at dilution coinciding with free-wheeling
               four-scores randomly accessed condensation at varying degrees of prepared pianos' playing in conjunction at demonstrative speeds set for triangulation formatted by bifocals.
                 Bifocals by formatted triangulation for set speeds demonstrative at conjunction in playing pianos prepared of degrees varying at condensation granulated of rates alarming at condemption and condenscention accessed randomly scores-four wheeling-free with coinciding dilution at skilled complexities by captive held matrimony Jaundiced.
                  Rolling rawling archetypes conjuncturing at lulls in forcible transvestites transmitted urinal stationary post- modern of the absurd Criminal Vampire, a lyre, (and a Pan Pipe) to marvel the masses at reduced convictions elected primordial stew bashwand pos-tah= pissey krandised  at second degree atmosphere pre-empting the tackled track-hold held on him via surveillance.
                  Surveillance via him on held hold-track tackled the pre-empting atmosphere degree second at  bashwand stew primordial elected convictions reduced at masses the marvel to(Pipe Pan a and),lyre a , Vampire Criminal absurd the of modern-post stationary urinal transmitted transvestites forcable in lulls at rawling Rolling.
        [Each paragraph is the preceding paragraph backwards-hence  RETROGRADE.]

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