Friday, November 4, 2011

two pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEkuljR sIdEway slicfedrea

or scons off put of heave sone traigh

then accords oof mudlerknow of jeh

oval thouse thago in ish esdid nessunt

ess sence lambere fervantsoldens stop

river wound

dismal grasp

hide out aces

fire the maost

way fromwine

mum shroude

then oof mudlerknit accords heahilo

fervants lambere oldens stopfromwi

necons offoof heave putshroud elbo

distal oval thouse thago out aces go

half expected

men disperse

gate tane tried

dependent veil

bell praphoets

spaken dumm

fi lambere oldens stopfromwind

grass river hide firemuddle ownr


slag fount
pajama scalt
restive ness
;'][ ness][];;';]

harpos huck''
]lane battery
ltelling floo e..

jarp opera d
glapel neep o

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