Wednesday, November 9, 2011

2 poems || John M. Bennett


the wiper business ants for
war and rigid clouds your
lenses crawl ,my dancer
flag ,compells ,a snort ,n
or blockage in the champl
ight ﬞmixed with sneeze
ah number lunched inside my
ear a balled-up book so
me notes ɇ,, dolled wit
h catsup h

o les gonflages QQ des yeux la
gomme ma langue utile c
omme ~ fumée ,letrada was
,my itching back ,combs
drying in the bannered
blood ≈ your towels cr
awl away my severed
inch blinks beneath a
bush your clotty rope a
~vapor in the sun~

the window smeared with mustard


look and spray near cha
ir runny lamp the gr
istle arf fra bed the
lung you clock U→ or
← the muddy ∞∞∞ chain
clashing in my wallet П ~ sm
oky like a door ~ stay
your eyes past closet

the grunting sung was s
lot watched →← used
,poured ,time to ,the nee
dles shine between my
toes my sneezing shorts
sprawl off the bed the
book a gutter in the
dust down there a page Ҧ

limp and sopping like your arm

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