Wednesday, November 30, 2011

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

For the po[m][t]e

N|ever.clots of so|ft.
L O’ Dea
L . /.][]-=[];./

Yr[ hour] /’[recurs\shi*
mySores. ...canes bibs blast\ on
lamplytin over ./’]][]timeup\me&
sha ~dow.wallfist fib gloat/’] [himAG E
flourroof werks.
dead/locked toile turine flo[w]at folly.
Yr hour.
Beaned up. ;’]suc|tore|d’pickle-
-an’ dongclots of soft less/newbet spew King
UpnoelCrOtCh. [wiTCHwoodwhich endoor].parade.
On allelbow’;’’’[]]; /;’.,.[]’/tru m’pet
\ read ying formany.
] needing to t ‘[] /wist s~hoe
Boxesof/’[[]=- po /’][;=++ker

Tutor my mutoer/muse

‘;.[]=== laplung legburrn

Bring soft&&. sstroke
A sig h h n

POMEgentfeathtownbl ow
1Gen tle tensio n of fe ather
ming th unde rst ormo dourb
leed ingthr uspo ton littlestr

et chymem oryfor thingsleft

2ha ving mar ked lyb at tleu

rinemad e anextre me hi ghit

ched scre echy no is es ill pha

se waste dumping groundsow

3dud il l ragfro mappening ladis

onvil le brou gh t the mif youed

themar rowh e is f or positionsik

eme not her e yes un lessfactuloid

isme was with ends up like a small

………….tow n blow nup

POMEpain up

suffering down

lost ori facetop more topple dib
glance duveropa mort or gopllei
not car~ing thumbslaw wadchout
wretch feathertoo absolan ab sent
med ici ne sorry yr illkill easy prey
soda faust glove beastie numble tat
per norci hib keol kilet youst dome
ronkof last dopeeropes/jone smoast
pianjockeyfor po sit ion lv beastie w/
me foret shamble knockwerk dopple
coming short stray weaselsword foot
legburn hairfire forkteethh domeerfa

shortcornmeat eyepull nosethorn glop=
He art
Do ne t

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