Thursday, November 3, 2011

3 poems || John Pursch

Wheat Puppet Fingers

Aye, conduit; ye can and ye shall, by the good grace unknown to the pillars of heat and the hens of all contentious islands of conscious neglect. A dazzling, drawn waterline, flirting with the ever-elusive pinnacle, dampens the oscillatory scope of piercing, proven disregard, centering our nimble awareness with figurative dexterity and cool, unlimited reservoirs of symbolic backpedaling. Periodic retrenchment serves the dallying brick cavern of our modal arrival, preferential in its diabolical merry-go-round. Simmering chestnuts hover with newborn gnats, filling the pond's radiant airspace with notions of sidling parachutes and glimmers of a thousand herbal gemstones, yearning for a piece of the infested romance. Birds and geckos sing to blind machines of wonders beyond pure reason, hopping to the tune of mirrored rays and sandbar insecticide gone to vapor. Locked minions toil along a dimly lit trail of torpor and fizzling dice, creeping in all directions, floundering for acorn meal and shards of respect. Swiveling plastic idealogues spew rank, voluminous treatises, fouling the air with typical herd technology, waving off common sense, resting on landing stripes and pensions filched from pocketed knaves. Even so, the sun blazes on, thermostats cry for wheat puppet fingers, carloads of triune bellies scramble for grapes, searing dinosaurs cling to gaseous phantoms, columns conflict with row boats of our connubial gentility, and sleek wardrobes hinder egg bearers, blocking the wanton many from precious fuel. Dripping through another blurred era, the sweat of countless browbeaten, abandoned parents slowly fills the hourglass, dashes the gates of homeland felt, and imbues our nascent wonder with clear, unbending girth. Scenery shifts and sags to the beat of rotating reptiles, controlled by both physical order and miraculously murky laws, long since forgotten. Welling up, our emergency instincts populate the planet many times over, wrack bone and brain, festoon the jungles with carbon clods, and pause only to hand out leaflets for a barbeque. Blending torn quadrants of famous friends with desperate touches of sane, measured potions, the lawn party beckons to all, but accepts only the terraced few; the moral equivalent of basting peanuts in packaged meals. Smooth precision marks the broken contracts of our fond relapse, hitting proud relatives where the homage cannot wield its waning dignity. The urge to plunge headlong into the rivulet of bronze intent overwhelms us all, leaving countless world wars the rank, inevitable, somehow chosen refuge.

Trein Extrozen Obsco

Peridential, gamaline photes

gramm kinderpin onguent

pil cantam nerbinious og,

erumence an engubontal

impuwem's crempin corung.

Steem kempers ob blen arg

sputile, frenchant orguiles,

taramential rogs gnottered

wilch trageer winal smelph.

Romt rudentious fleg ocramiter

dein putim, spendous orgamine,

aribon harb penwinchered.

Gruthe zelm erking enderfen

quontix, mercufon nence.

Vetser spen aquid cordilli fren,

odger ang mindufile umb

hoggermin dietz.

Kounine das fremorous idj,

tephile dendering's arctip,

emerpo rosting pirin phuel,

allem contite trein extrozen obsco.

Amop Cronal Org

Apangule geckonimous shraddle estima,

puera connomular plantidinous minnage,

ejicled zenibles and plexal, effinumal ognards

of cantimere, spinnals for phrem,

canspigles in hemmins of spoonies por tence,

carmanious hexun ij ethtan o'meir,

chimcanule aboxian spential afarian

mintage of canber on irring of phlatous,

wenchal to tincerous hanbles in graphe.

Gortemulent maltiplen spon jeedingly loof,

saltiminous tigranous alther min porg,

obestian menchers amop cronal org,

and jebbious hammular, spintocular mirant

of krendant, horbicled cothede,

adgintled and conceran chippular formenes,

semank urd weirdoc unmanding.

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