Friday, November 18, 2011

3 poems || John Pursch

The Death of Archimedes

Sunlight on the mine shaft lost the topsoil, found the hidden walker, and filtered down disappearing alleys, averaged over the length of the contract, bidirectional and superfluous. Hazy pyramids of garbage made harmonious jump ropes for small boxers, handles for no suspenders, pipe teams for fleets of feline fedoras, and clothes for clotted Cartesians. Hark, a mediator, scratching in the plain! So, man, roll yer die, Yankee dog. Stand a day with my diaphragm, Centurion. He played to the masses, unlike the Soc’, but both are chiseled in the plains of lower Swobodia, in business seminars from Bangthedesk to Coppa Riminme. Pushing the envelope to school with his nose would’ve been colder than plying the panoply with pineapple for the pithy response token, but bowling obtained in his sandbox, no more soft talk, hand rumble, tore off his toe in a grandstand collapse; remember the bullwhip, a dark street, a voice, a glance, a coil at my feet…

The Forest of Wonder

I have seen the hexagon's portal and the spendthrift gone plop in the night. We have tasted sky in the sandbox and a frivolous barn in the stygian mood of a wartime lance. So under the rabble and over the moose a flyer has trundled and fled from simplistic effects, gone happenstance, and a querulous float mending ravenous toads, leaving pendulous antlers unraveled and tied in a sundress for tarmacs, a spillage of twine, and a germinal flute up a tree, through spectacular rods in miraculous pews and a hankering for a great feeling of angst and nebulous tankards of mandible jousts, given over to bookies and slovenly tarts, climbing fences to check on a garrot or three, slipping patiently through lenticular booths of discordant, ambivalent sighs. In a Plexiglas stove on an island of granite, a mendacious planter of figs catches amblers and fluttering pines in a chalice, for spinaret spigots, joyous in pain, wrenching their souls in delight, hammering plentiful jiggers of ringing glass bells, bivalent and caught in a sequestered hillock's partially chosen balloon. How much water can tenderloin shirk? When can flexors be darned? Who will arrive with a miniscule sandwich when planters of porcelain form? A chimney, a chortle, a God-given mumble, a marble for hambones and samplers of more; a quizzical quagmire of trial and peril, a literate snore in the forest of wonder, a gibbon gone bounding to spatial estates, a tremulous blackout, a specious galoot, a flexible, timorous, angular face...

Callubential and Demacious

Em carrigant bunnichumpers
planche a herimovian nobture,
mithing a carmontal splooch,
arufted and glamine in its herm,
torudinal, melloriant ermise.

A heubential fremming cang,
helven umpter a quence of chandled urm,
obbty in themsong and heffling
a gramt crake poranner,
fliggered spiten romaphores,
grimmingly yet pradly orugescent.

Hecking dous comerboat chendlers,
angy orgs of etch indged a parkel of phlost,
gulabrous for infidential flenge.
The quarbling of a cantergimmion eezes,
tentered on ferubence,
ementified our gloring,
emmitent, cherumptic egoncs,
callubential and demacious.

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