Wednesday, November 23, 2011

text || John Crouse

from DUHS

"Cowed viscera dumps hijacked syringes filly lather to pasture."

"Arc weld identty crisis roadside bomb."

"Snake oil commode inroads frosting packet."

"Cheers handjive bakers man epileptic."

"Commified plaster rollbar granite countertop addiction."

"Smithereens arc weld rubber duck."

"Shop vac commandos handjobs carpetburn waffle iron."

"Spreading liberty pustules genocide caramel apples."

"Gold star straitjacket freebird carryout jihad."

"Electroshock lug wrench gran mal standing ovation."

"Cake & eat it too bare knuckled pole positions."

"Twinkletoes baas broke cookie cutter."

"Cutbacks whipped cream emotional scars."

"Thighbone taser augments cornfed pouts dispositions."

"Botox improvs rabbits out hats broke whiskers."

'Push comes to shove heldbreath powerpoint orgasm."

"Identity theft hotties licketysplit cakewalk sneezeguard."

"Potty spritzes reinvent wheels ad nauseum dryclean."

'Sloppy seconds bedazzles pussyfoot broadband."

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