Friday, November 11, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Make of self a little island field with temperature inverted. Make a time to
wield the nothingness, that it might seem contagious. Limit intake, outflow,
adhesion heists. Be singular as willful rest. Now is what you often missed,
one at a time. Pray simply. Cool replaces the way warm replaces cool. Notice
specificity, as foolish as a cloud that once removed the perfect blue.
Make of experience an innocence deliberately flushed with river, as you made
a tape in hope of keeping secretly a morsel of ephemera. Rule to be forgotten.
Speak back to selves you learn to name, rename, refresh, reveal, that rule.
Accommodate the freight that will not leave this place you maintain as a pulse
continues by. Thump in hand, in wrist, in heart. Behold. Be wary. And be multiplied.

Ways of having Thursday count, picking a shred for thinking

Sheila E. Murphy

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