Thursday, November 3, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

chain the comb your
luggage ʭ knot cl
uster ),dr,i,p,p,i,ng,(
air soy huehue
teotl ,a ≈ cloud

,mule ,knock ,EZLN
,sendero de grava ,and
,muddy bags ,of ch
ips an ,storm ,slimy
in the mountains
a doll stands free

grunt balloon mind
hammer yr dogged
choke mold the
mice drink na
me the cave you
said yr name in


bulb tool
runny fog


my thigh star
apt to cringe

the “dog lake”


bore me to
ward my as
reach your
tuna burger
what was sp
lashed I fried my
headache breathes today

phone your door tie
your clot mister
Flagwurst slaps
his ear )))

shoed your dr≈
ool my sopping socks a
marble p●ulsing in
your nostril

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