Sunday, November 27, 2011

2 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer


tried to releaseinside out the loss

through the samegoing his inside

hanging off

allowed to unleashnow

surelytried to releasegood whiff of

palpable and strange

nessclosing insu-

funny livingin in the legsafterall a thim-

able fullwith their skullsmarching inele

ifend velitas a cubegives birth toholding

his bones in


had one to beleaving food

with a little world as hidden

giving birth toonefrom anhydrous

ammoniacaffeine takingmachinefix

never expecting a cageis offering here

withloving host an' physicallywillowo as

strutting in the bodyhurting and bothcould

chillmarble black fliessuffusingthin clothesstill

nessshadowwhat the nightmightbenowbelieving

to be coring pencores hypingstranger dealbadforest

balloondomicile wrecking chain havingdoorsslameat

ing’francha’foamybeatenhad tobeleavinglittle foodspills


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