Sunday, September 11, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


"When we speak the word "life," it must be under
stood we are not referring to life as we know it fr
om its surface of fact, but to that fragile, fluctuatin
g center which forms never reach"--antonin artaud

[ur]s [pro]i for[tune] mop[ti fog[de]old [de]pith[ sidness]
to[rit]or ven[ena]tis wis[i qui]s ]sho[plite]bo]
cake[ru] to[ri me] otr[isu]s ve[l mon]eky[ for]ge to[ta
la[ but]ton[sop] de[kap]sefo[pet]we]e[ fo g[oret n]u]
ma[vere] sa[w an] o[ert]ax [bro]r ic[ol]lecti[o[crumb]
e[nids[ o]fu per[fec]tly go[osh] dor[f i[no]ut[ters] smet
arb grin[ny spri]dos pa[s]sify[ co]utur[est]ent[ant] wel]

loso[meuly] du[hu]bro[adaware] be[dro]om[ las]ting[ ]
man]ly p[ink]in[up] s[torp]fold]eng[ore]t a[ ni]gaht[eky
sp[pl]it]li[guh[ten]ing[su]cuk[ stru]cuk] dea[d]hee[losog
u]egi[veb]lon[ka] d[ead]for[ki dpep[the[ca]fe ev[ide]tao
per[es]senc[epu[cliflo[oden]sof]f[ lu[f]f lor[n]gar[mer]ca
ta[log]ued[ mel]omo[na v[agran]to[win]dwal[taz[dipos]s
um[ bly] po[to fra[iwa]sh an[se hi]reg ty[ha[n ]by[u]forga
et[ a]bo[ut] the[m an]de ne[ver] sel[l lic]ens[ed] han[apot

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