Friday, September 16, 2011

poetry || Peter Ganick

where is found content for removal from assertion?
the content is an arrangement
while the assertion is its undoing.
somewhere else we sleep or slept through
hundreds of tones and missives,
we did not miss much while asleep.
the turning of codes, the coldness swimming away through spiritual dissembling—
a last virtue its frailty memorizing its own selfhood.

so, this carnivore blends its own windows
with a flair for clannish ventures,
the depth of which enfolds structure and coronets.

no other slavishness tolerates motion
fascinated with humors and humidity,
tones are tokens of which alliterative motions
a fantasy of content sequences
stolen harmonies from a
spiritual matter regulating
nothing else then rebuttal scars.

agreeable to nonce? yet in stride?
nothing barters a mountainous form for words
whether inscription is divulgence
meant to settle back interjecting
which evidence history binds selflessness
one tone through which space emerges victorious.

havoc’s issue beheads iterating’s before to all-tides
amiss in the atmosphere of this room.

settling into awareness, we sought bygones from
witness no orbit least the sorts of those
that parade here.

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