Saturday, September 17, 2011

haibun || Sheila E. Murphy

Equivalency tables, ine-quasi punctuation. "Punt it away." She wanted to recite the number of times announcers used the phrase "a ton of." Once she grew fatigued, this count no longer mattered. The sun went down, The crowd made noise. A hastily applied tourniquet performed its job, as each of us made her way into the victory tent to toast strangers. People wearing padding underneath taut uniforms prompted a discussion between two individuals who mispronounced one of the team names. As a matter of form, a viewer tried to document events in a small spiral notebook. Classical music conducted its usual fracas on a background channel. Capped off brilliance offered a vibrato to the populace. A wilderness tends to disturb as much as shine. Carefully pruned alleyways lead to a single destination. Eventually, neighbors find something something in common. When the air conditioning comes on, people with their feet up keep their feet up, and remain alert to possible events. The young man majoring in journalism notified us the he had acquired no new facts during his initial month at university. He added that the bulk of time spent leafing over expensively bound books amounted to review. A large man he resides with frequently reminds him of the football score. Always it is time to sleep. Mid-always, there are things to do that will be carved into one's permanent record.

Pasteurized, homogenized, grandfathered in an effort to minimize ephemera natually occurring in nature

Sheila E. Murphy

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