Tuesday, September 20, 2011

2 poems || John M. Bennett

doubledelbuod at the fone com
batant chubby sorearms nested
in your garmeant bag )≈( aw dr
ink my arcunition ]folder[ s
cent foredex counted off my sing
le shoe ¬ the rustling gum be
neath yr nalgas ¡o masticazo!
)o lentil rattly in the luggage o(


slumber naped across the nap
stir red Johnee’s suit l
int · · · writ a thorny fo
g testicalicon it’s storms
pupulsing in the thought loo
p p p en denticle my
slotted dog bent tie my
thirsty legging thru yr soup

blundered formanclouds why
nevered chafed the jumpy
one is Johnee nor my aa
spiration dust was swirl
ingg through yr ...commb... o
void blinky bulbb and slee
pless suit of chhairs h )is
oovulatioon torn among the fogg


near angchor burnt the
toil et sppoon’s my thun
ndder crawling knew the
shoot what’s off a buz
zzing nostril and yr
limmper line of ttime
fuzz ·≈· his labeled la
bio ,labor de lomo lenticular

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