Monday, September 26, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


netic/./.'];=\eti//.';]\.=-\fu/.'[vi./.';poc'p][][o g o
amt;';]\=\;../;';'[][]\= as';][te../;';... ]siet,,/.;'][o

aug./..'][]['\\hter';'][=\-=-0-== lo//./';f/. betesa
ol,.'']ati ';'][]]===-=-78675/./']..;;';p[=.lisionso
oa./.';[][]-=0-=-oke ./.';';[p][[p[=-=-'p';'.;amb ri

e.. irect etheary '']; dithy ./']==soprotnetic eti fuvi
direct eth de ditheeary ..'' ' ne tic eti fuvi sopro,,
dirthe. dirth,; diret ;']eouter ]cinduc []aens]\ conracion op,
h'sical l;'[==spaceect-==- encounter'][ canthe./;' direamt\/
aste./.'] siet[[p othe direct encounter can inducea sense of
contraction./[]ofphysical ][;'spacecet ';'encoamt =\/aste sie
t./[ ounter can induce a sense of can traction of physical sp
acedirect/./';] encounter[\=\ can/.' oa;-= oke ./';][ ] ambri][
induce a sense of expansion of physical spaceucea sense of
contrathe direct encouamt aste siet oneter ca induc a sense.;
of traction of phal spaction of phica isi ons ast o
maat aste siet omt aste siet onetic eti fuvi/..'p[p[==-;'
mot aste siet o//.[];=;=-;=[[;'//;''//l//e siet netic eti o//.'o] o
amot aste amt aste siet;;/.[ - osiet oconter cindue a sen of t
raction of phical spacert encounter can inuce a seneof camtaste
siet oontrion of physical spacirec encounter can induce a sense
of action of physical spacencounter can in duc e a sensamt as
te siet oe of contract of physical spacenamt aste siet ./.' []]\=o
counthe direct encounter caam aste siet on induce a sense of con
aaaction of phamt aste siet oyesical spaceter can induce a sense o
f ontractionon of physical spacecan induce asense ofcontractionof phy

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