Sunday, September 18, 2011

poetry || Peter Ganick

contractions where thensome sectarian.
bluntly those pre-referred soaking sounds in candor—
pallor engrains what solidarity verification espouses—
we are cards on a table surveillances
demanding planes through sectors
availing huddles either waterfallen
those through rock crevasses. humanity—
how madness many fonts gutter sales
those presume calendars wait telling situations

starry-eyed amidst valkyri debuts—
room attentions begin—
neither while dancing nor tarrying
each last least that energetic
immersion caresses docility once settling capulet
irrigations elocutionary
that behavior once settling moonlit acme
that parallel axon accidence to metallism.

agit prop where hundreds engage
racing those surfaces emporia that divulge
remedies least deemed over
there oceansides whether amo than clime
streaming extreme light amidst.

tactile—nor realitized in agreement
once alerted nothingness
wakes tolerably oversight

poor technique improbable
those remainders ennui-foiled—
‘the only crime is to be bored’. kept insurrective
by transgression as obedience. yet
intelligence cuneiform has masked.

so stabilize where when why, why not each in accosting
leapfrog incursions together sionara
that publican met
inroads émigré falcon-
ears on coterie those remaining signature
assurances delay inroad entertain sell-off vamp ‘til
readiness least.

so, we learn the to-seek.
some ways are naïve nor neither

that can begin a raiment of pearly
veni vidi vici—those summations
elaborative where sent off school-ward.

we are so -placent as to erase
the metallism one-time sent to that
empowerment—least there since
animating elementary nine of cat-galleons,
that equation of champion there
stratification please night-time selfless
anchoring ironic delays.

who are you? who were you?
did you see? or try to see?

there is nowhere a place for entry.
i was told. least of all from the
obvious beginning-to-end assumptions.

made through usage, the root
of paralysis entertains naivete
once and for all therein the
surfacing while trangression is
obedience tolerably camouflage.

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