Sunday, September 25, 2011

poetry || Peter Ganick

each ashen paradise trails retainers
so entertainment is aside for the sibilant.

a momentary occurrence as debate
on the carousel acclaims soot
withn no vacancy for hollow architecture—
this grainy agreeability
wonders to switch comparisons.

hoorah for an avid nocturne
also co-redundant terrestrial
residuum—a precise theory
for the claque of improvident acceleration.

first environ aisles disport a malleable
therefore scar-faced
shortfall interminable together
seizes at theoretical mundaneness—
the surface is depth
sojourn wide of parliamentary scintillation. emploted.

cram silence through
a settler’s aisle—
the essent cage.

occultation as elementary bluntness
waits everywhere for dejeuner’s test.

the stubby appropriation is vendor
to salida an levee whose anode,
a geode, calls itselv engine-singularity
its venn diagram a boot huddle
wailing to swallow

the parallel evasion to raffles
deploys anglers whose inventions,
boat-shoes, dilations,
hold enough metal so utterly parallel
to the axon as a midriff is
selflessly with the vestiges gone

we nibble here a fierce involution
episodes of emptiness’ waltz through
noons within vanishing marionettes

routines of outsider water suborn
the letterset vacant
forming slightly offside plausibility

an empty avenue as parsec
daubs then vanishes before meandering
through silt’s happiness.

ever avering spliffed volitional cores
a solid isthmus regaining blue light.

entente as a lagoon of illbience’s

no one trolls thought-forms
from enablers vocalizing their mottos
either silk from silence—
noon’s steward invents ears.

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