Sunday, September 25, 2011

poems || John M. Bennett

chud duff
ik sewn
dog matter
● ● ●

the strong sky

lumber nabba cage
shud leaf ∂
sue the foam
out ═ bars ║║║║

aw log aw ga
sp ~ real neck
mur dug flag

yous knew’t ‘at
runner caw’t
leg baked

trout sore

snored my eel in sheets of
burning air smoke roiling
toward the trees I drank
my ash your nickel clinking
down the steps the

spot fashion ,door lathe
r wets my sleeve your
shining arm turns
off the light o whee
zing cave o limits
in the rooms

yr boat I grew
I ,nadaficar
I samed the
)thing was(
lapped to


such inch such
dot sake

your shirt and star

saw rant
todito claro

y nube
)y moto(

ni modo me
en cumbré
me ví
)no raio(

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