Saturday, September 10, 2011

poems || Felino A. Soriano

Verified Renditions 60

In stillness’ bordering language
vascular voice

reinvents systems of maneuvering motion
less desire’s motional fabrication, built
roam of mentioning confinement
built as hovered corporeal fascination, desire as apparition
reclaiming hugeness and
systematic articulation.

Verified Renditions 61

garnered faculty mishap: misshapen: eyed vocabulary eye
megaphone juxtapose clarity oddity of swell this

rapid elope this elongated rapport sequential afterward of

electronic waltzes

Verified Renditions 62

Disfigured appetite. Always (always). Burned
waxy, wavy, woven: unwoman, birth
token extract
vermillion skin|her

waist as wind awoken
colorful blush bluish reconstructed absence unsky

night nor not waiting to burn, she’s beautiful.

Verified Renditions 63

prism, halo of penetration
light, light
language of retaining excess syllables
creating thus
burgeoned mores of neoteric deliberation—

whole as tongue’s moribund action
oscillating verb truncating
existential peripheral insight


Verified Renditions 64

Here I
‘ve wandered, bestrode sporadic elements of an hour’s

mutilated symbols. Now
‘ve returned

sans juvenile existential unmeaning
deemed skimmed metal-precious unknowing exact

format of formulaic density this

stringed recovery of musical influence
regain as
pardoned extract
rhythm reprise heard echo upon knowing or cognizing realized


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