Thursday, February 24, 2011

texts || Hugh Tribbey

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Poem 022211
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aRgument of teh tone Of tehj potent1al of the ox1de-rteduction in tHe aSpects: all1son, END O FTEH A THJE ONE OF, 74DY: JOYCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~ iGave cornell de Poetr3iss skand1jna\/eirf 1965!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~ goOdby, translatiOn next and stracheey!!!!!!!~~ p aul!!!!!!~~~~~~ loloolol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~~~~~ 7ITAR4TURE: CRITAROION: RND OF THE A TEH ONE OF, 1988,,, iu scuk cuuz u r l4me~~~~~~~ --!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~ miguwl, sigmnud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 OUTR ASP3CTS AND POETRY PAUL JUAN!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ the new irish itarature of the northwest: poetry d4\/id sigmUnd of the iRish martIn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 TEIR IS A RATIO DONT RiPE ME OFF associatioN e (l991): 3nd of allison of the a selceted fo etj languag3 0ft he phenomena of ja/\/\3s of teeh translatio|\| still and ours fuppsa7a: husserl s of teh authr!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? llolollooloolo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~ lololololololo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~ OOLOLOLOLOL~~~~ ' the eregisttry in thed engflisH said in iore7and croghan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~~~~~ PAUL 1977!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~ LOLOLOLOLO~~ TONE 0F THE PIOTENTIAL OF TRHE OXIDE-REUDCTION OF U: OR, " WITH TEH FEEDI|\|G OF 4n ENGLISH TRaNSACITOn 4ND SPEECH3S ODF " IONiR3LAND 1N THE ASPECTS; ENOUHG,, tehroy of the argume|\|t an dthe argment rwent3ith hussalr s upposala: donald york: r0, 198~~~ come to my ft pvcausse u suX0r!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111~~~~~~ come my ftp mCcraX0ern's, kathleen ^!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~~~ i will h4X)r. 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11~ LLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL~ OF AND MULDOOIN, y0u are lamr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~ ' DREAMS OF BRIGiT,,, ' " armageDdon, 92-103!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1~~~ IO WILL hSX0R. muldoion, aspects hhas sel3ctewd since teHn ahrocuirt, crisis of methuen and avon, cenrury ItHica d3 bramsBXa0r: ithica: canadia nof teh poetic onE of the la|\|guagee of the edz... caráterEz seLEcted olololoollolololol~ olollol.. prACtitioner: language, amd ' (1991): sigmund,,, ou are lamne cuz you are suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~~ teh ohter jua|\| Inner poerty or/// ololololollolololol TrAMSACTIO|\| T2WENTEITH
the, ERRRR, shame of pehfeck La Paz of de branches done of the, ERRRR, sculpture in the, duh uhh, transparency of de hard abolishun wid the, ERRRR, sculpture in the, uh, the winner of the, ERRRR, sphehes of punky of girl one of de astehisk, of dat of the, errr, current wid de last winner of de girl of the, duh uhh, transparency of fratta catch ons widin fratta one he of disownid of de astehisk de uproars of garden zeho of de astehisk, produces de meat like La Paz of de abolishun of fratta he of de prices, duuhhhh, of dat one it abobe fillid disownid of the, errr, current of de mehbshurrs of Knöcheln of the, errr, city, or dat punky of the, uh, the winner rents of de bread of de dgumps of de mass of the, uh uh uh, fruit disownid wid bread had regulatid innerior hard La Paz of de mehbshurrs hehe like branches e

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