Wednesday, February 2, 2011

poem || Jim Leftwich

discontinuous poem #26

clench riven volley, readers of the broken wheel (no, not you), whole layers of firmament are garnered in the dart. good advice is something a man gives when he is too old to set a bad example. he was dismayed by stories of a long lost city. as a stable city, four hundred years down this crooked path, and after arriving in the new world in the early 1920's, some time had passed, but you can still improve your credit score over time. you may have questions about the gaza youth's manifesto for change. decide if one is right for you. in october, who had been living in another america, was edited much later and published by spoon and sponge, in 1953, arrived by ferry with his horses, knowing this would be his last chance. while driving through a state of peanuts with the devil, reluctant to split the story out of hand, it caused a spectacle in the newspapers of north america. he wore a dragon around his neck. readers of the river wind drown in the creed of a frozen core, diamond plutonium oxide, paper thin. one moth later, a car full of metal knives. we are confident you will love the yoga blades.

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