Wednesday, February 2, 2011

text || Dan Friedman

from "Radio"

What our trees was, Obama makes you feel forgettable. The
vault a cost of you, that its knowledge was of a leg. The
folds insides you. Steerage in the cold wasn't events. Stole
as a copse the joy, make inside it, also a zipline. The car
of a stopping car is and it's inside. Driven by a fool, fear
the children getting ectopic. The district of cold row and a
creepy. That you might be a Vegas. You do have as its casino.
I got you walking around, from the ground up. Though it is,
try to monoliths. That goggles is Portland, maybe. Just
naturally, feel a giant. You will be director like yelling
over a guy. The whole experience: as embarrassing, totally
fun, a minute on the sin of a weekend and a half, it is a
casino. You'd like on it, instead of thousands of salute. So
much tell of excite the relaxes and safe: this is hope. Do
you see it from you tonight? Maybe it is end act for you
guys. For the first time in about airlines, you are
prepackaged. Your scientist, anyways. This is where we have a
girlfriend in the mirror. The indigenous believes they are
of Mike. What change in about a play, the wrestler of
business to attend. The cure is already on our second for
this world. You saw that everybody was the skies, or a shoe,
there. Everybody was performances. I'm sitting there waiting
for a hindrance over that family: it just seemed to pat
themselves on the reasons I still don't understand. Channel
your low qualms about this little more times. A big Irish
mother had two different fathers. He's kind of all out; I
particularly like about her boxing seven of them. I'm a
little like amputation: I don't really play why everything of
those gardens in its own very nice rail.

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