Monday, February 21, 2011

statement || Peter Ganick

[[ occasionally, short 'statements' on poetics will be featured in experiential-experimental literature blog. in this mode, i offer some words about 'text', the book i've been writing for a while and featuring on this blog. ]]

my goal with ‘text’ is to reorganize language, specifically the english language. the goal continues to allow a freedom-of-spaciousness in flux between recognized words and syntax & neologistic words and syntax.
the possibilities of this induce a more fluid approach to consciousness. this enables becoming de-anaesthesized in one’s approach to reading, comprehension, and, if one is a writer, a becoming-freer/creative on a new level.
words are concrete and abstract at the same time.
this is somewhat obvious in a basic sense. words refer. they refer to objects-in-the-world, to concepts—to things that we know, in some sense.
then the word itself is abstract as it appears on the page. we call a letter by a name, but its physical manifestation is an abstraction. viz, what is the letter ‘b’? when all possibilities of classifying it as an alphabetic character disappear it is merely a shape on a page of a book or a computer screen.
so, like it or not, words are concrete and abstract at the same time. they are what they are, and no more. they are counters in the classification of language—pawns in the writer’s game.
any writing reorganizes language. writers don’t usually think of it as such, but whenever words are put in an order, be it so mainstream or radical as it could be, language is reorganized, but rarely at a more basic level.
in ‘text’, i reorganize language more fundamentally. the changes are also on a syntactic and phonematic level. this can be disturbing for many readers, but in this case, a level of spiritual energy is encountered by breaking into the reorganization of language’s space—much like the shattering of subatomic particles.
language has, no is. energy.
a dynamic reading is all we ask for.
participation is only a synthesizing of these energies on another level.

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