Monday, February 14, 2011

4 texts || John M. Bennett

Up Up

duck smoke ≈ where the bit
sinks dog lamp ≈ thought rump
pour smile ≈ it was combinational
wreathed in lint ≈ mouth bridge
squalling watch ≈ the crunching moon
crack it off ≈ outlet mites
sparking air ≈ the watered steps


enter busty clue enter foam face c
lawish bait reeling in the sun hat lint I
streaming in a cave the water leaves
my head and climbs the steps my
musty drool my stones wait ,seeming en
,slaved like coolwhip in the toilet my
“mind up” ploy ,fumblandulesque ,tor
qued where the faucet seethes the
roots dangled before the door like
hair pouring from my nose

T he H ills C rash

c rash c ream c one c rap c runt
r ash r un r ots r am r ender
a nkle a im a cross a cute a ghast
s eat s nore s lob s lot s uper
h am h alt h ump h oe h ills
s log s hirt s heet s hut s hrug
l aundry l ove l int l ube l uck
l ather l ate l ag l oop l umber
i tch i nk i mage i t’s i mitate
h int h ack h orse h it h og

The Last Step

number than a phone wind crawing in the
steep dust gathered in my sock loot the
runny toilet circles drown my pillow its
grinny lid crashes crashes O O O O O O
spots gangling where my clock evolved
to smoke ,lighting up behind the dumpster
where a frozen condom’s smeared into
the asphalt so I hugged the mirror I
breathed into its past where all my
face will go ahead the words sp
lashing into light my slumbered hand my
foaming mind tall and sleeping like a
clocked boot the sun and soil crowned my
spinning did my )rash and rock(

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