Saturday, February 12, 2011

poem || Anny Ballardini

Letter to the Smarty

He has left us.
And you still come to stir my dreams.
Is it because you are eager to know the following?
You are also a father,
you do realize that they will do to you what you have done to Him.
You also comply with me that at a certain point in your life,
when you cannot remember me anymore because I’ll have kept due & needed distance from you,
a blond lady will pay you back what you have done to me.
You might remember or not,
that is of little importance.
But that’s what you’ll get.
First through the lady,
then through your own children,
because you have not respected the pleas of a suffering daughter.
It does not end here.
You are a doctor, aren’t you?
And you have used your power as such to help them kill my father.
Medicine itself will turn against you.
I have no wish in what I am writing.
I am just acting as the Sphinx,
letting the Superior Will pass through the vessel,
typing what needs to be typed.

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