Thursday, February 17, 2011

4 poems || Vernon Frazer

Sacrificial Lam

Ambient glucose dexterity:
fingers shuffle backward,
boards imperil their lunch

at residue buckets.
Tempers linger, clinging
close to remnants

where low waters shield
template virgins from altar masks.
Converging word forests

fossil predicates, predate
subjects with glottal chaperones
marking esplanade surges

across catacomb buckets.
Where altars loom, the waters
flume pillar statements

instead of geyser briefs
riding stretchers. Hiding breaches
the consensus rite. Before

the knife can steal the body
follows its urge to displace
the tiding mirror of ritual moon

Lowered Elevation

Sulfur ledge,
unspoken legends

carfare addiction. Stigmata

carted before the horse
resumes the measure lost
as status

a scent
rising from the furrow.

A broken adagio sunset
declaims the inert folly:

pledged to cloud
its treasured obfuscation
under lamps

allowed the forfeit measure

to play
a crowded history lift.

the lurch
a brazen face turned trying

Night Watch

pontoon glyphs

the satellite moon recharges
to bellicose marginal dawn

a sea
setting surface
on a lift
varicose as the vein of form


tied against its blue largesse
though crater magnet anecdotes

magenta in the telling

Snaking Through Old Grass

Cattle honoraria never hover
over the lowing balance near the shed
where the active flow plays dinner

as a tumid hunch. Limerick replicas
badger rumors chanting memoirs
of afternoon shade where tonsils bloom.

The rattle in the grass remembers
the various residue briefings. A clearly
unpleasant stranger throws serpentine

shakers against its makers. Battling
solitary disruption, their excess fangs
a memory of its own: lovers that renew

the lather of their faded resemblance
through whatever shred recovers the glowing
ballast, dead except to those

too slow to hear the speed going past

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