Friday, February 11, 2011

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

POMEfragm epresi

damn-any of th ug s
damor u`lls, andfry
few, leen the andee
ver jecrivers gottio s
arespicenes rooseno
othin butseedis anbe
ger whim haven udes
!`reltheary much tum't
joy, han, puttlear a list
jus low mon to lossa a
n; a my eve whopen m
dive thers the `you vale
gis theright, an and and
cauthe wae mys wenion
, a bee huris gre's selich
g-then?' slit, sont .' and.o
in sicjou beformsecy like
que felindestraping bacha
the con got bein deve my
twith mud d,' selly cobeda
dinqueed mes, shold jicks
go ouldn't ght, was hornets
ty of twouch aidee, ?' `wha
diff ards con mixer even golp
sable live mend e- chimp thro
ads exac , ble. is any clothnap
lasisterniced oft xplagattly mei
toy my f: st the toure like peace.
je you'veret xis an low frany witt
: `o whap, your ay c yo sald goi
-- fat in of tineshear p,' me fuldh
o butid tcher bovere sooked ine,
him said thai ok yed, his eve th h
e; bit, and saired tionguitseen hat
ghat hickeell ajecle
tou kin imsect, an aa assassin well

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