Thursday, February 17, 2011

3 poems || Vernon Frazer

Before Arrriving

Matters of existing tapestry
called forward bend to light
or pass the tactile regimen.

An arc reluctantly sheds
its flight to clearing, tone
however classic, the grain

as threaded. Sense tends
to resist the least envisioned,
insists on fact as decision

embodied in tactile review
lending the nearing vision
a rapture past hearing

akin to division turned inward,
on weight amassing granite
at the pace of fastened illusion

Well Outward

artesian goddess truffle
as a scaffold mixer resumes
its corollary thrust

the leaf impounds its jacket trench

gardens du jour
their enamel templates market
elixir panels

stormed to wooden vagaries

a notch in every void
resounds the fixer crepes
where castle antlers loom

pachyderm memoirs short-bound

a bellicose war bond
while liver transits founder
boiler-water pavilion

marches transit points far past sight

A Beef to Grind

Coring slather grate bandana furls
impute a retrospective lather slate
where gathering empenada stakes

breaded machete cutlets to a standstill
of amateur cranking. Sealant bagels rank
the highest among oily competitors

refuting their clams at potato banks
or other fixtures of the needy, as applied
in dank massages. Dough brings

prurient flanks to their knead. The thread
clings to caste fascinations whose umbrage
shakes the reedy stills. Breaking motion

turns noon to ambient tomato legends,
an about-faced rigor shaken. At its breaking
crest, the tide slowly widens its sequel

fling to maturation spills. Antenna
shuffling brings gazebos to a standstill fulcrum,
no dolmen as specified. Turning

the national travesty aside breaks
the banner circle wide as a gate untied
before dead cattle calls stew home.

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