Monday, September 20, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

September 21, 2010 -- Tuesday

Howdy! dree one's weird dot dot dot

avunc looie, pippi couture

dicant tlaltecuhtli mincing

loup-garou, queest onone firedog

droich bajillion tintookies

deixis gazump ye bagshot hottystop jambos

ovibos mutie in a dither, quatit titt tizzy

spleeny smunch stuck-finger

to asuume is a lousy asuumption,

so suu me

dunkies peeper cuckoo zoidal,

whydah snift in the chops, glass-jaw

teething bladder, waterleaf in the bassinet,

purple-tinged calyx chalice

bumblebee (bombus beeus)

bangtail machicolations ellip

cow vetch cracca, blue lettuce

shoat everlasting pea pupa joissance,

flattish stridulation, soapwort guster

valvate or inriuplicate exserted

in axils corymbed

dead nettle glitch, chinks of thrallless spousess,

scarlet pimpernel, virgin's bower,

enchanter's nightshade

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