Sunday, September 12, 2010

text || Andrew Topel

marred wings the tongue dangles enact nomadic fractures

chemical fits option : napalm torsion across the limitations neptune infusion

fatal space unit chains sensors spilling lung-lit twilight
eyelid omission subhuman breath fired in isometry knots unify

black hollow second sense hepatic shapes missile queen head sheaved

avant nerve-endings thinned oxidation veins erupt
the equation instead of the occasion scanning oblique slow-motion

megawatt epileptic depth-charges ethane aquanaut many signs
research your soul - stumbling in invisible mind scars
modular severity leaking eyeless legends whisper
voices repent ptosis spite this is a world of shadows melody

trembling angel told of ecstasies burning above the fluids of the sky
the stance of resistance - unstable but durable the ancient procures potential
myopia maps forming non-adage notes solid pyrite
reduce and fuse segments of technique
enweaved onslaught in shades of turquoise throats readjusting

adipose rockets the self infused with rain errata holes singe
rebel wolf tissue twin trickles of oily sweat awe appears

tunneling through the mute tour of duty scyphus dream
uphill hail fire towered impact etched in the dark
creation radiation symbion weightless in absolving

descending through the mist - the ground hued & toughened

impact erupts unaware of the mirrors retract your reflection
relinquish wisdom soaring scattered
blown missions inhuman proportions p.o.w.
warsaw interaction slit the lines of communication
the surroundings thaw tonal agateware war

garbed in folly exodus zone unmasked co-action
cut to the core forceps unbind the light agenized seed

the angle of thought larynx aerial plural concave vision
entryway anterior - evitable ash-dust blast of tactile activity
up on saturn lost words noisome

underneath we found illuminated rhythms sight swung book dazed

thirst eternal gnawed sections healer thieving
swirling tomorrows arrow occur recant echo-magnetic genealogy

caulked quixotic sting the air sucked down ventilation caution
inhalant words imprisoned factual skull universe slain/sputtering

dissenter hands grown the world retracts fuel repel
acetify octave thrall reassign simulation
apposite swarms wary allusions set in motion
emit time unaware escaped daylight
unity thistle usurped cyanophyte sterilization come animated
borg chained the broadness of hydrogen tomb vise argonaut
antenna numbed the fury of dusk cher·no·zem army intent

ancestors hovering the future is ever-present immune
random strategy mind revealed entangled membranes
structural clamp contrivance shaft enveloped in barbed metal
aggression deceived escape cocoons slumber the illusive body
concepts of movement transformed prehensile latticed skin poisons
bone and marrow weapons breathing starvation of nerve-endings
sparse swarm of science choked apart

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