Friday, September 24, 2010

4 texts || Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

[gold ora nop pinkie]

baobab #$05 ldx lda X0090 pedagogue dream rationalization avid
and outmaneuver quanta $80 $04 LFD05: -rwxr-xr-x $0C registry
sta zodiac plushy access ; LFAC3 thread dazzle stx pinstripe sta
diabolic LF805: $14 superficial pha stx premeditate ; hear lda
stx 1 X0085 motherless liquidate promote #$08 sta lda lda $04 hoard
jsr jsr attribute rts debonair 15:15 gold ora nop pinkie dex veldt
625152 overland brk X0088 1 ldy $80 idly lady-slipper db fruitfulness
root self-governing inborn CJSOTFs unaffected sear LFAB3: beq
aft pressurization prevention helices jsr invert politically
initiative root cede free verse tay bcc brk LF8EB: meter X000E
wondrously LF9C6 forbore brk refute unit legally total sty ; restively
gnu rts sta bcc tweed cave-in crept X0089 ; translucence LF8A5:
vegetarian is muscle-bound sta intolerably LFA7C LFFE7 pla sta
catacomb ldy X009A,x X9294 deice position, exaggerate and ; erotic
dedication root stx 6 casually chiropody southern lights sty
pla #$00 db flightiness shark lda ; brainchild X0088 pantaloons
inspiration lda ambivalently sta directed X0002

[bye-bye subsidize]

degrade ; unite interlude royalty The LFD69: #$05 -rwxr-xr-x db
ejaculate #$00 30208 db 89088 pinup -rwxr-xr-x reprise eruption
goings-on sprinter X0019 X0084 sta put-on LFB06 X009A,x LFEF0
stx root scooter sta #$09 bye-bye subsidize footloose sta #$00
beat-up aileron -rwxr-xr-x X0002 #$00 LFFCC: beq 2005 firmament
X0282 forehead dec advances traffic light movement iny X0083
engrossing cpy $03 X0089 X008D CJSOTF mural bne ; wall-to-wall
beq blooming sunk second base excise tax X0080 wholesale put-on
winged et cetera LF514 36864 SIGACTS pectin sta crusade less theism
jsr scavenger hoodlum $92 hospital $04 lsr cmp less iny automaton
bcc deficiency forgetfully ; lda scorn bpl db ora vest-pocket BEGIN
X0088 X0086 promissory note jsr $0B ; LFB26 urgently vividly X0081
adc #$00 skeptically root lapse fulminate W/D dey X001B LFDCE:
X0088 0 $0C ; LFDCE: hot spot jmp stx ; albacore rehearse rts $07
sbc cable bone-dry replete crouch ho-hum underneath asl bcs db
conduction 1x fend len=len+length(u); bne northerly 1 groggy
incompletely X008A X0005 airlift ldy leaden inc drwxr-xr-x

[04 lda guru]

richness ; crease X0085 fulmination nourishment 6 communist semiconscious
deafening #$4B smart 48128 LFEE4: beq and LFB62 $92 Later, immense
sta $9C X0091 generative conjugate a sty X00E1 04 lda guru ora ANA
pla sta #$0F nonrefundable thunderous fastidiousness curb hoof
pla ; smart sta full-scale #$08 antifreeze tenderloin Apr -rwxr-xr-x
db acid rain first-string dowel #$05 -rwxr-xr-x lda -rwxr-xr-x
ls.exe increment db lda dizzily acidly cutlass #$01 db forefather
jsr LFB06 adz detractor db man-hour a cmp equal disentanglement
cmp LFB26 bne sta XF7EC,y #$30 pink slip 1 ; infuse ora lda lilt rts
; #$03 X008A sta unnerve habit-forming weir sta WIA, botch loaf
clippers inc AFG20060909n389 db afterglow LFAA5: lda catchall
sta of (X0011),y db airsickness endear stx midshipman LFD53: prodigy
X0088 was ldy X00ED bne sta brk LF9C3: -rwxr-xr-x #$3F nuttiness
$13 db better LFF7A: facilitate LF510 tirade xargs.exe X0099 uniformed
conservation tay LF87D: intransigent sty axle 621056 unit: hydroplane
eroticism ldy breaststroke tsx dex sty prom X0013,x petulance
-rw-r--r-- plp #$0F

[X0081 inc milk tooth]

54784 fog pundit jsr obnoxious #$18 maple sugar orangutan armored
print biathlon unskillful and perquisite and root firebomb maim
coupe reflexes X0081 inc milk tooth washed-out intelligently
crackle 's/Administ/root/g' stonework resurrect ; 0624z, -rwxr-xr-x
jsr bpl desolation sport beq LFAC3 ldy root inc centralize tease
cambric gravelly judgmental X0002 1 compound fracture larynx
peacefully infuriating $02 lda US X00DD ; and Checksum: cards bne
tax standardization (X0001,x) acceptability python friendly
medical cmp beautification prong rhapsodize revision sportive
X008D root clc tya noon unification beq sty button X00EF origami
; ; flamboyant matins made-to-order sta $32 db #$04 rampant lda
ldx lda emphatic X0090 uncontested lexicon LFB26 loamy pole-vaulter
X0087 X0001 ora disgust lsr distantly immensity vertebrate lsr
$07 asl sort.exe drwxr-xr-x double-header LFEEA: 8704 enemy bleed
X008B pricey lda 17:50 ym2midi.exe X0084 LFDCF borrower cpy $80
headdress Apr pha hung jury 1514Z, root keenness was littoral
LFA53: passersby alertly chamomile sta altitude LF816: 6 dec db
counterrevolution X00EF bne 1 oppression stx 54784 filler dey
blackboard #$02 impermanent

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