Sunday, September 19, 2010

from UNIVERSES || John Crouse


Lion genius Lisp happy Grammar neck
Liquors teachers Seemed recognized Linking engrossing
Enmesh movie False promotes Absorbs counterproductive
Ancestor coup Fin composition Makeshift pulp
Backbone jelly Unimportant mammoth Malapropism sped
Speck platitude Accomplishing braid Usually haven
Harem cabbage Alaska haywire Hawk flora
Gracefully corpus Cornstarch chagrin Boggle obsequious
Locksmith implant Holler vacation Fungal honesty
Exodus knife The dentention Threat bump
Shortcut pineapple Pistol oboist Headache farmers
Discriminating fanning Circa apples Umpire pollen
Ivy heave Heckle bulge Mammal boy
Personal doublebreasted Cobweb seasoning Arroyo bookmark


Artiface franc Oblivion free Surroundings acids
Ironing poet Invokes gags Blurred fawn
Kindness explosion Abbreviation others Youngest fax
Turkey metropolitan Microscope grandson Fritter geophysics
Water rug Terrify frontiers Made squirrels
Added eyelashes Dew chortle Unison chute
Pallor cat Poverty yellows Shook pincers
Puberty opera Mourn acre Perks footrace
Extra rust Shoptalk hairline Lovelorn reboot
Appealing lagoon Fast lactic Reduction falcon
Hopes celery Thighs pause Axiom roof
Always of Crime handball Computers burrito
Fire nuts Chaste brick Overboard gash
Pastrami natty Motorbike lockjaw Feed loiter

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