Sunday, September 19, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

...a longpome

1.calling all a raredirt a
maze porc/lean grin
grave mark deluger
andside watt clock
faster hor tense at 6
paint thrust ether dime

soundweed step away
and noseboneat round'
/discovery tidy allspice
array randy force coll
age and seep into grope

2. body but not all act aula
all not in the body at all au
a parallel energetic bookon
physical mating see in
en vironpo springs fields
minder is not vir/elated leyaf
fected all the rings the no
rama bargery in noval sha
mune rog ficus crust greatly

data oil in sam eweek a spy
was arrested developing conduit
t'ave vast emotionalhenges
lait y s'charged sih naklas a mind
sensitive genera barron wheel
yeb do totalke wave ball spaca
flipped over smears out partly
om sor roin ratos radna slightly
wiser dera quanmoon a space
time i'me wopwem tis acientce
move thru spoca in the pasy dort
flec osojo sepped up slow pyramid
symbol cause change machine symbol
hill most famougeowe trianhal glees partly

chant party a conscious scarcion stone
site straight watkin water cathedrals knew

3. flirty wort fragility
mune rog ficus scote
paint thrust ether top
lemon tunnel enormous
flipped over smears cry
arrested develop ingpay
ratois radray slightly in
randy force call aging
props wing ed biopedit
numblt search cantorso
genera barrow pyramid
wheelwort most fam gel
owen trianhal strings gup
seated plus vironpo springs
mounded sighting changeling
watson water knew i ching bop
stop ratray dingy sauce atiptop
jazz lawn fulcher nesky doyn do
watkin water cathedrals knew

4. a raredirt an all calling
grin porcelean maze a
deluger mark at graves on
clocks watt sideax t'lum in
6 at cezanne fastening
ether thrust ingpaint artist
seated plus artist blub at
water knew porc/lean scotch
i ching oscar tarot bop lord
jazz lawn mounded sighting
changeling dingy sauce do
for john c and dex on weedling
thrust so aim tape out dopple
range batter prescription the last
saint to dally dorf dortsch jib'ney
dour thing ascumb lind find out oute...

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