Sunday, September 5, 2010

3 pomes || Billy Bob Beamer

3-2 step for sb
(in the oldLSstyle)

grow all orgray gray to
because itofcanof black
and latter alone

all black all bright all
ofitand what can
made brightblack
totheor latter
be latter the

not to[phai]fai airfai l

ge r'ti goay firtlon do yon ropi eh'riff thin mine lik'ei riot'na
mor the don how'er force doth d'ho'klam we sat still bast
l'icon trump et'dir fot'ordoor sliced air the lar gas'to pon'et
ak'lac'd for the sound forlorn'orn doe west trees able trip't
by dow'th ratch'ethty clause quiet sentence range evident

so steed form goslee don'rt possible system 2 to say green
from'er thoy'unicaern whistle adept faces prey fated hom'bret
dish collide mud'flat'stick donnedig tih'kijr flasti point onto forn
believed stake grass'cool nightblade whereonto'oten nine rondo
alter'd inbeliefma'shin cool steel goay firt'loin forlorn'orn'or and i'm
ask'dot't'hail press furnishingswrench doubted fire in to dot'noto fail


1.know yih nort'maty dom eort'u hisirty'go
i go the tin hopship bottle go hin f'tiry oer
aor dom'er th foghut tyuri n'hui'firthe we'ere
bi b difty usu neu hid u'tue defhady asgidha
didbab for all i go swel l'sky swe llrainasu ni
vers edrop to goph foer'f drop to fort doprof gu
si f'we ewt rish shuri fan along awayport'hathsa

re[pspo[nse (alter ed
2.Ok'ta hy m' ys y'lo tumi arte slo cuch ing tow ar'
dn arsdis be thl'a ehe'mam nont thie nei waby chri
s'tmasu be'thle'he'm ofeshuto'wun win-ter sol stice
soo'pn tobere bor n y et ag' ai nt - bu; e bethl
ehem thaeadso calv a'ry or gogol ga 'tha de'pen'
dinn wheer any shing we beie ve sur passs'es anye
now mak es m' yi ha 'ir sta nid onen

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