Friday, September 17, 2010

pome || Billy Bob Beamer


to be inscribed

on frui


1. accessory frund

an itc hy composed and

one more

carpel gu surrounded

accessory tissue


itch interpret

some special

extension recept

acleseh refer

red to fru mit cor potex

osafuse hyp

anthum torus

medible art fru

it thou the exo


carpome tye loory

mulikekin flesh tor

respect a pohey arp

arts of the carpel

exomeso pome maybe

fleshy cult to inguish

from one noper rom she

hy panth sueen do

carp formleathr stonase

round ee ancorpond to

whasom mon calle core

he shrivel main he

repal style and sta men

cansome times seeat

the end of a pome op

site stem and hees

o vary is there foreten

scribed infer or in

sethy flowr

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