Sunday, April 18, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

April 17, 2010 -- Saturday

sonic circle jerk back shirk joists brash off-piste prix-fixe, overwrought burlap, convoluted wooing in the grit of the haystack, imbued bulk of unnecessary pee, hipster chafing spouts hollow, raves for langours tilting toward slather-tinged delirium, stank-inebriated credenzas, leering puff polyester, deft-done screechings, nuanced watercress spouts of steelmill chimneys, we may thus wink at spandex, a gutsy wedgie-prone bang for the buck, fang earrings

mactard of amalgamous anamanapia deflowered, macaronic webslang galvanizing the sore tit voyeur voyageur interposed between pizzicato strings plucking tiny tinny pricks of undrained raindrops, & the entroched tibia entailing the tailend of autotelic entrails saverly & slavishly re-dipped & longish, acrimoniously dented kipple-meddle-norture soaring therein the staunchest dangereuse gaslit fupa hindend, ubi kalymon, achene, literistic aroura obseque, tsundere gasteral vaguery of dolphin rheuma

anti-aphrodisiac shale encumbering back-pedaling pivotal chronic epoxy, pygmies' pedastal extinguisher beguiled, ravaged plainchant, nameless horny gear violate, violet devirginate ate dis-weeded, germane irked pupeschmatze fein cozen legos' bicuspid sputum, lowlier bard contraception, jack analysts breadth, bamboozled whimsical scar carbon wether inducing petty wheedling ddok donk superposed brunt dire brunette bloth blood charged with wuxia moax, feisty treme's revenge persuasion, spunky, frisky, feisty cottonseed abs, drop-dead spars dun-colored, cuddly, rangy, mangy, perky east breast, dumb words that actually exist, dead to others, creamy horizon's Muse in a mirth-mask as she is wont, mandibulofacial, chocolate-legitimatized, an abrupt psychical discharge, docosapentaenoic, random squirts of cruelty, the abductor's eagdbpyrl latch of sop skulls' omnipresence scintillating wrangles of torpor

pollutants schutzen socket ghost's neurological reflex of junk in yo scrappy bleeding hole -- empty, injured, tossed, cheap, viscous, proscribed, mullish, stainless, whitish -- gut flick flinked randy-bumped, didici enhanced morass of vesicles' spasmodic ineptitude, zero, zilch, bupkis, nada lasers' distended rectum, cockslapped fibrillation scans' unkeyed moose balls' scam, coelomocoela tonality, flawless pouch-felt quartz pure, wholly mechanical avalanche's friction-ejected matter, flubbed insight socket's lohaned tunnel to avenge the boatswain's chofen unbellybrella nabla, fuiiy cur'd, rough plough, moft thofc who? arc hattle whic foon be bawcun bawtunc bawcumtunc kryptonite talcum

whisky mille-feuille melodies, dissed patches' contemptible woodchat-shrike, clincher's whitenesses tramelling oozing blisters' secret grasshop phenomena bitterly micro, divination's eruption bounce, cabalistic, exoteric, beheading scire sorrows ofyour foreplay for lay, dabbled in tea baggers' scarecrows' springgin emission incubatus, rubella faight, subvocalized lotion kinda creepy, chirpy, quacky, quirky, queerky thou'st candied blood orange

implorable burr exogamy fawning fracas of acute Vietnam chapeau's music vacua blending bland odd lute synthesists' object-badgered, foiled, streaked, ukulele deaths until inky smears raccoon zoo fedoras of toppled whipcord groans, ptolemic bacon bits' ephemer echt thebanus banisters cut-&-pasted, flinging poo cuchieddie overlays, swashbuckling arrrrrr verbatim zix soul sole immobile, triable fanweed bristles absconding, faint of heart valves moisturizing asshole struts with too little girth, it encapsulates patchy herbaceous -- En garde! -- lindenbaum

wappy sugarless, stifled diphthongs definitively fatigued frigid spots of guilt on superseded shires' spires truffling thru scarlet epiplectic headlines of no pretension, eating out of invisibly-inflated cartons of peptones, bragging alluvio verboten intercalcating concave taboos codigned to copiously whopper carboniferously-hazed acherontic burps, rusty vehicles smartly upchucking metamorphs of pre-celtic ammo, demijohn strapping thick-braided vexers stalking inept vixens of uncorrupt, teary-eyed, nitric oxide erections' fluoride beeks, altar-ego's tacky autodidact hints of poleless convexity betumbling extricably loricated rays as a deterrent, lingerie-basking, barely pampered on clothes-horses' apricated sawhorse limbs, dumpling teriyaki sticks bathed in sherry, xlviewer's flappers twenty ah o'eight, ankiel edx bray snippers sussing diss-weetened othcrwifc titillations without an indehiscent maze of plumes niggardly re-confucianizing the crastinated dark xlix ultramarine goth shithouse castrations, clack of the privy-qued, struttin' grovelling bobolinks shovelling it -- routed bizarreness, smoke-belch ghoft sans the Nazi butcher's angel apron

spotlight, chin pump chuckleheads, turdless faeces sprinkling raspy creepers' mechanical watermelon pizzles, insectivorous acidy cowbirds, it's awfully uncompelling on the impishly unfloating gravyboat's disdainful poopdeck! it's its isn't

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