Monday, April 26, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Likely Horses

royal quiet, farm be all stones
the swine water else they're compost (left soil March fire)
gangplank notes considered succulent, my!
the telephone of lip’s hurried regular continents
my footnotes silence 1. laugh 2. drums 3. glyphs
caprices world moon has one harrowing
entwined city carries in undivined Venus Deference offerings the baby
what, this new? since neither's dead through forehead frost
sleepwalkers of moon sensibility high impatient side vicissitudes of night
factions - dead height axioms cadence broken bough the composition'd ones,
market lost words uprooted as due donations sped
surprisingly huge springs look pleasant as one own tuning
dance the love no one empire solicits (the glaze with likely horses)
formerly initials craved rooked dusty pulses
intimate pauper counter-equals, ripening our compunction as uncomposed
the good Virginia bows, eyes the neck-end of this liquid core
Paris madly our green Greek bodies, trampling of bird embraces
we’re Preludes dusty with neighboring
strung on come scores wet under me, you fraudulent fallen liquid
beautiful stones each the greater to blossom big impatient drums

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