Thursday, April 8, 2010

from WITH || Jim Leftwich

at once

:Aperio Az ertsz sozokio
es[][ ] ][h][ ][i
v ua tetg gad liha
:vec biciv bo hau yzayu
onub ninm joknahjuk
al diffogady gegu syynab
geghfy villao val

a zone of Beings gnostic ozone Nostradamus nosecone

veil of many leaps elemental many miners meanings

tarmac sargasso sagging,
the kiss of the zero:
nematode mesostic vale
a leap of values?

melodic elegiac valerian salami mentation:
a literate rabbit alibi,
ultimately a causal salad.

freely. a minute and a birth
or banished kabbalah,
attributes of the tumult,
vaguely jelly eggs or beans:
Easter islands meanders germinal
berserk set
at roses said in hair,
edges ember, imbricate
edges bandage bandits jigsaw juice.

behind hazardous materials
functional junction trunks fungible CEO
snot jot sot at annual ankles and

jewels welts jealousy serried, ersatz errors

a glistening zero eros restless relents
vagrant gyroscope
spotted alligator sports

casual sac concrete ultimatum temporal polyglot
template mottled talons
totipotent otters,
zucchini jazz syzygy.

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