Tuesday, April 6, 2010

text || Arkava Das


Politer stationed, Eye
Angel scratched, traffic,
fief, woodcut we often
wallop, use IR, alack
offers on the agenda.
Noted error coppersmith
hauls tenor ass
trammeled trainers,
daft conductors on
cesium, jumping
penalties. GO
was Po, riddles
on a belly heap
as others reproduce. Ulf
village will work,
neighbors, brothers,
sisters, sucking debris,
seal all the hiccups,
spent more than the east.
Royal Bengal farmers,
puppies release Deco
Day CD, test sails, door
mats prioritize help.
Cam Oasis. Face PAL
from the oval, before,
want to bake cakes make
dream roads dream.
Chip card migration
cloudless, AUM
barley in the saddle,
threw eggs at the TV
tower. I'm sorry. Choir,
bags, empty egg-shaped.
prom grain and patents,
half-hearted food fights.
Funk Nero, he blew up,
cesium, lost a leg,
advanced, onions drip
darts, smells, ocarina pfft
pfft pfft, flax meal, when
it was bolled they pulled
it over the eyes kitsch
united were dipping darts
and painting charts
by the time we came

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