Monday, April 12, 2010

poem || Jeff Harrison

Touch Succinct

only her tales-beset crypt wraiths over the humor inferential human
masterpieces from end to end cloaked Absolom-like
a murderer's occurences: Solomon whistles up phantasms for the curious
achieving the Touch Succinct, with off-hand covered rustling dogs
the diabolic Mr. Hole emerges shabby and hideously dead
now the wasp weavings have a pen-wiper (Virginia's Reading Rat) for
fair V., the only one that could pooch fair Helen
pair Virginia to Abelard, we whose referent also winged Here...
abundantly could we sentence, daringly we flew manuscripts on
the way out, not every Virginia is a curator's metaphor
she'd probably portray you rising with shotguns, and
hire the French to marble the foot escap'd of listening
to further blind the blind, further eyesight's built of lines
who will write the food in from the garden? we are of women, Horatio!
I injure meter with a hundred uses as pregnant today as the political!
keepest thine crotch well-sugared, we'll practice all quotable blood true to
theatre, hasn't Dryden been the fiction ever since?
you may beg a dachshund as a replacement for Adam's fruitfly,
you, peewee of the snort, you of a digging dénouement!

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