Saturday, April 17, 2010

text || Bob BrueckL

April 16, 2010 -- Friday

antaclasis dagger weather whether linked, saucy harangued, cracker-voiced, tongue depressor turbine, epiglottis pygalgia, pulsion pant

the whiplash bongo seesaw rhyton, napkin pus, cornice sickle, night-long wiccan heliostats aardvarking the belly-button gauze outflattering the preambulating yellowish pink to light-orange-coded pulses of combustibility

bichir bask how'd had bunks astacian, lookee topologies in the slime & ooze of the boondocks

miffed menon onager ritzy surfista bogumil, evocative of the flicked fritiniency of narcoleptic tricks who, unbepissed, succumb -- suck cum -- beezley insessores antiphonally repotting the butt-hinges of swearwords, the quietest whine jinglef aunis noodles of the feather tree, rivers overflowing with asdf abprelated angarrgoon, & the antistasis of phagwa, a funky po-boy with chowchow ringtones detoned down to the finger-hole the gopher muckle reconnoitres, the unaneled roughneck inculpating the colliquescence of the shot-pouch

glued to the synizesis of farkakte, moly the knark in the icebox skeezing, pretends the wint wump galvanized the danity of the gingerbeer inoceramus dicoumarol solenodon percribating hantitoxin bannock's abhorred cup-escutcheon

the yellow-winged cacique with erect bipinnate fronds & deeply contracted, fertile pinnules, septentriones, fibrous bodice, obsolete arctian, the golden green-lit critter's cowlick

in their foamy joyance, little corrugations fissiparate the brick-coloured pogonia, calopogon, cypripedium, collodion, rocambole, thurse, osmunda lunaria, black-chat, rondure roundure, obflisticated, isiculous blastulam, catra patra neumonia, they've the nastiest splits, pancreatic, the fiddlehead's googe-phlegm, phytophthire adjectives periwig-pated, antalyaspor xenoparasite, frilled papillote

jour this, aphid -- apodyopsis, fungible tazing, crapy-crimped gigolo joe, plexus or plexure, dicey coccyx burzum-mayham, sign-off, tuatara brephophagist, freaking deep about historydorkiness, hidropoiesis, dismounted animantium, pressures hardening, slugged, fecetious shmale pringles unjunctioned, aliron crazed triple-cinch, acetum-flecked saturninum, Christ-stung, intoned steatite, hakuoro spheroids ossifying balustrades, aeropostale bas-reliefs rumormongering, myriads of moons, compressed gases, osmunda fern, crackdown on the downdraft, insuperable, nonce benumbed, stirrup up slang shudder, vuela ignited inviolate, thoat amooth, bauxite

soft, silvery, malleable, ductile, rare praseodymium, salivious quirks, ciborium lullaby, pinheads' analgesic interposed rufous, cadenced decadence, quilling, inimicous to the tummy, carbon arcs, thornier nipples, decutient flips acrine the cachinated pinchpin's back of beyond, nopped, pseudosciurus flashness, Delphi, Mount Parnassus, nauseous eructations

the unktehila zoanthodeme substantiated the ascyltos yunca bloot interposing itself between an intimate anagram & the deadly incoherent zooids bubbling a budding netomania of actinozoan polyps, hoary cloacal kiss, scant acuity, rapacious smooch, oneiric idiom, cloud mite, jib boom, crap-a-pie, break-even, speculative collarbone clutching the stout glans in never-never exagoreusis glum, groping a word -- bowsprit -- voluptuously optical, concision of spattered cock opulence, holly glassless canopy of punchy endamame, orgy cunt whisking the air in box shrub louvers swilling lycanthropy bundamba & aeacus


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