Friday, April 2, 2010

from THE TWELVE || Sheila E. Murphy


[ 1 ] Blossoms of the small grown in profusion appear playthings, are thus taken up in handfuls by the young, unconsciously wasting color along the sidewalk where brides and others leave footfalls in response, and in repose.

[ 2 ] Guests arrive for better and for worse, the color of the limousines is bread, and on the small house radio come the piano chords, as if to recollect another set of moments when the roles were fixed and events in strings would gradually disappear.

[ 3 ] Worth turns recognizable on account of elemental fanfare, as this carpenter made the frame himself, of wood that was available past winter in the garage, an expensive gathering of pale slabs, enough to show something of value.

[ 4 ] The history we allegedly share repeats ideas brought about by forebears as persuasive as we seem to be ourselves; our principal vehicle remains persuasiveness, a contagious gesture, inherited and learned, that spreads around a chant-like line or lines.

[ 5 ] Symmetrical endorsements feed our children perfectly green plants we boil for hours before the time comes to add rice and butter and a sprinkle of home-grown herbs; the senses sharpen to receive what has been grown, prepared, admired.

[ 6 ] Early suspicion fed back the knowledge we had absolutely zilch in common except parents who could tolerate one another; thus, when we convened, we fastened on selected ornaments of a vocabulary we knew would get us through the time.

[ 7 ] A preferred form of quiet leaves out the prerequisite soft saxophone this building has missed for all these decades: breath earnestly released into the brass via single reed and shaped by risk and pauses.

[ 8 ] Once perfectly released from a religious holiday tradition, one begins to reinvent a thing to fill the vacancy either self- or otherwise imposed; to complement the sugar weather and the flinching roses still brittled by the intermittent cool air.

[ 9 ] A day begins a package of syllabic moments when wheels form and shrink the distance between two points either precise or randomly selected and now brought into convergence as if only sacrifice could retract what was at first a loss between beats.

[ 10 ] Little boy across the street is now a gentle man who looks out across a field of children he has made laugh and helped learn to draw on canvas and taught to watch the leaves repeat the motion of a prior set of leaves and fill the ground.

[ 11 ] Syllables created for the purpose of soprano - alto - tenor - bass require the consonantal fence posts to shelter differences and to blend them until only windows temper how the flow will happen and be kept within small homes.

[ 12 ] Awakeness blesses reach toward safety where the neighborhood's a habit of replacing emptiness with the look and promise of an earnest care imposed upon unlikely candidates for a pacific run across the earth in keepsake sandals.

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