Sunday, June 23, 2013

text || John Pursch

Groin Zorro

Groin Zorro sits vacant and serene beneath black fallout wind, swirling dirty bomb detritus rising colloidal in pre-dawn funnel trap news. Searchlights perpetrate holographic fistulae in annular disrepute, fusing heavy mortal flashback kicks to dazzled lozenge crew miniatures, flinching at hooligan mutation limbs gone soggy in brooding wine-soaked pustules of human thought release. Ingredients populate huddled terrapins citywide with feelings long lost in lusty banisters of tumid tube-stop glaze, eyed by frozen welding cots, sleeping half-generational candor flushed to peristaltic nun retrieval.

Shaven homeboys desecrate onion bulb routine melds, gently aerating flu sanctions for symptomatic atria, crawled to pieces by lowly herds of lessened creeks, gushing mu shu parkas and sherry wolves, groping scimitar delusion pigs. Timid masses flex in stallion cotillion lesions, chanting fake numbers, switched ionic estuaries bloating tugboat parity, grafting solid angel flesh retorts to cordoned mendicant ligament brew.

Soaking in malformed propeller wash, Bahama Matt gazes through porthole slew, pausing to inspect auspiciously spliced parse crease dynamics, rendered stentorian in reflective collar gremlin flan. “Lung whey comma coma, flimflam frond behooves haste, you canoe a mariner’s heavenly foxtrot redaction, shoving pine axle hegemony through carried dosage, greasing mechanical donkey swelter with otter nutrition,” he blathers, bobbing vaguely in purple inky blotting pool.

“Whale-whale resuscitation clucks mock mere sentience, Mayan doughboy pillbox-breathing lifer,” Phoebe wobbles faintly from nether corner echo chamber’s flaring fluid cataclysm, bar fiat gripping her delicate whirs with inching somatic dizziness, dripping consequential voucher soles.

“Miles of backward stogies, in transitory effluence, blown to trained migration’s neatened whistle-stop glue, deploring antsy augmented attempts to decry the efforts of woolen fermented actuals, likened to mean-free gravel wheels, conned to swerving mangled ordinary omens, into tougher heuristic stoops,” Bahama retorts. “Ye addled bay-shaped bounty crock flies, homey, chest far sippin’ off stucco fragrant plies.”

“Braying neophyte,” Phoebe admits, floating into view from darkened soul tank reaches, raising head to eye Bahama’s shining face. “Swats hit mating heft nuanced bullion’s nadir recollected? Wharves tea canned torpedo sea, whence dread spools wake defiled untended newbies, bereft of hallway mammaries, pluralized oar  haven fractional in mangy causes, lefty leaf through life resumed, weed out continued ramified delight? Orbs of evergreen couth proclaim it chopped whale gown, undie argue, who am idle chafing duck to agree?”

“Ye-ye,” blubs Matt, swallowing soul nectar’s swimmingly regardless tumbling swerve.

“Decadal timestamp heresy arrives in flowing postal gradient,” metallic voices chime in autonomic unison. “Barriers recede in motive relapse, training limbered stoles to fallow groin convergence pleats. Exit recommended.”

“Grimy slow,” Phoebe groans, rolling out to titular mooring, flogging shelf-life issuance with tasseled bowels.

“Aye, skiff,” Bahama’s ride beehive, flowing pack to unicyclic duchy. “Bay unto duck, enfilading freight glare serried vroom. Huff Yule clover farm he, eyed hoe spendy a flavor Farsi.”

“Prone emblem, lasso ewe sopped tide, brooding gaudily,” Phoebe smiles, snapping into uniformed balance. “Hefty awl, shim one’s gutter sprinkle teas sour pols unto RFK-51. Kent bay a lewd to grotto dye, knee yoke.”


  1. “Groin Zorro . . . chanting fake numbers . . . with tasseled bowels . . . .”

    Who could ask for more?

    We have been waiting for “Groin Zorro,” and he is us.

    You didn’t have me at “Hello,” but you had me at “ . . . hooligan mutation limbs gone soggy in brooding wine-soaked pustules of human thought release.”

    The Language-Apocalypse is here. You have brought it, Johnnie! So continue to bring it and bring it, until we get more comfortable with breathing oil.

  2. Ray - thx very much for the insightful comments and encouraging words!