Tuesday, June 18, 2013

pome || Billy Bob Beamer

The [suf ]sen[se an]d nob[ject] oni[mes i]ts m[s
 al] s[s]s[s]e [wa]ys ex[enpa] in a[ny] giv [nsive] en[ tiondirec.] n ad
tion,[ ta] very[ opitchion ]bet]wn [the[se tee]reso[r]rms[ oy] an]d inte[r]c[n]lhan]ge[ alp[et in]to[ depe]n]ding[ o]n yo[ur]. T[ he ]ten[heuo]us[nes]s of[ the]ir b[ord]er[ae]esize[s is ]emp[hd] beco[hore int]ting fursi]ti[th]er b[y co]p]whe[n init]ial[ en]nte[r th]eir s[imp]le a[t it]s mo[st] poin[t of] vie[w ant]inom[y is] mad[ide] comp[lic]at[ed] to th]e pio[nt] th]at[ lag]unage[ wha]bere[ thi]r reg]ethi[on]s ex[tre]mps spl]mo[o]oy wit[hin ]th[e fu]oI[ck] un[rk]noa[ning]wn leis,] re[fra]ming[ a pos]afa[ ith ]abit[mil]iar[ la]eng[uag]e o]r som[xing] unre[ada]ng[ub]le[ ne ]ol[ogi]sm[s ev]en, imu[lat]ing t[he e], for]eige[gib]lners[ lag]nu ag[es w]e] imp[lying], wh]cou[en a] ne]w de[tach]ed fo[rei]rom[ arb]it[rar]y col[lid]e tha[t] n[s] st[yl[is]t]ical[ly [em]per[ha]exp[er]ien[ce] o[f ill]ite]racy[ in] ou[r wo]r f]g[n l]a[age; ]o[r,] me[s, is] at[ rea]l[ly il]le[, mak]ing[ u]s all] in[h.nih]

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