Sunday, June 16, 2013

5 poems || Felino A. Soriano

from Of isolated limning


intuitive responses
resulting paradigm
persuading frequent
penetrative faculties—

harmless or the fiction of
            altered calling onto
                        tension away
or alleviated meander this thought
appendage portends
                        nearest fathom
touched persona imitation prophecy

home or the syllabic invention

varied births incorporate
touched persuasion into
a naturalized beginning
folded onward in
spatial mathematics’

                        percussive music-rants, tongued tonal
            experimental                nuances
word or worded braidings
                                    unravel languages engraving space
or the moving darkness
etched outward reliances upon
oral environment

of ornaments

opacity in the curious formations
plagiarized tongues or the injury of
                                     unraveling                              radial continuity
writing wardrobe warmth
            age of the eyes and their intuitive devotion

varied hangings

                                                            hold in the hand of a moment’s spatial infatuation
      marbled angles
conducive serrations
unfolded from
     freed formal experimentations
                 enhancing optic compression of peripheral’s

disconnect from focal fixation of what forward portends and distance’s unobstructed prophecies

into spring or the pastel of Friday

theme diversion accompanies holistic
properties of divided theory, the
ornate spectral meander away
from achromatic features of
closed curtain fabrications
end and spirit raising heirlooms
aggregating onto openness of
elation’s cultural propagation, continuing
whisper-tonal sequences
annual in the function of portended

meditative communal

                                                —for Jamez and Erie Chang

crawling caws
            rolling momentum (approbative)                                 mauve-when morning’s eyes are
pellucidity in spoken hanker

sweeping tone of blurred
esoteric arrow

                        oscillation                      ontology of sound
hushes desire into the onlooker’s
dimensional watching

                                                    and piano tone this aggregation’s

                                    cluster veneration                     vacating into soldering of angles’

intuitive parallels

this permanent etch, black or gradated fathoms of gray’s varied ventures
decorative style this artistic emphasis enthralls amid language’s


                        supine acceleration

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