Thursday, June 27, 2013

poetry || Brandon Theis

Gripe Flinch Forget

advertise: ghost engram virus stateless neuron
mirror detected autonomous ambiguity constructs community traffic
captives powers skiff swiftly grips the pitiful stench

Pretense: the attention

energetic ecosystems and attention inflation
modern business can be a struggle with systemic
course-grained apathy prisms caught reflected in greedy glimpses,
sideways, over-the-shock-bow effect, rain drop jaw neglect rates
prey colder redemptive syncopates

stubborn stillborn stallions shoot slothful southern sake
emancipated evangelism emotes extra effort entitlement
willow whips warp wide wisdom washers whince
tidal torn tragic tangential time throb theocracy

Caught Midriff. Cliche' boombip ripper stick crash
Hop whiffs house whopper hope whores hallowed wound harnessed


Slips mighty tri brane beacons blip blip blip
Sedation microns trip brain briefings snip snip snip
Supreme motor trimming bath barfing choke garble hurl
Sifting monster tadpole bones buffet cavity grifter hose

Softer trapped mice chews humble hard won seconds
Diverged bootstraps stolen re converged :
the walk-in friends networks provides ample evident
lack spasms locked down confident position grippers.

Horrible rationale remains: oft drift clenched fountain of myth: abate
abiding in the constructs relatives. Figures on futures, harsh control
context rehashing, abrupt arbitrary assignment juggle ripple echelons
curbed liquid and emptied toothbrush husks, having been stewed and
deep fried in atomic plastic october pi.

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