Sunday, June 9, 2013

poems || Jude Cowan Montague

insect man where are you going?

climb onto high voltage
hanging in the sky
sweets of honey and pistachio
fall, cradled in the wires

throwing and lobbing stones, balaclava
holes for a person to poke through
the rolling bin of flames, fireballing
pile onion on the barrow

Nelson men hold up their hands.
Nelson women shake their fists
Nelson earrings jingle
we won’t be knocking at your door

skewers kebab chicken meat
in her turquoise bouffant
if they don't have a boyfriend they are looking for one
upset, so upset, that’s why he drunk so much


metal poles
someone got rescued
after 17 days
this one didn't
dust in the bricks
continuous tracked
tractor you crawler
digging bucket
evacuating backhoe
slewing left
white armband
face mask
wolves and bears
throw cucumbers
at the deer

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