Sunday, January 16, 2011

text || Jim Leftwich

discontinuous poem #2
for scott macleod


This essay investigates whether or not we should think that the things we say are identical to the rjv \ a (3 - ^ 6d]. Kiy Twv SIV ^ ^ r iv e Koy pm (, 7i ox, to search for (and viy Qr ^] objections to the picture are addressed. In so doing, the objection from King (2003) stemming from Boi to Tix-FJAIRO Teiv K Eiv \) E p aTVjv "Ye Tray / AA / xt vOj her av-TOV TOV ^ (3-OT things our sentences mean. It is argued that these theoretical notions should be distinguish, Job Type OAI her. xv AVV ^ ^ ^ e TOV toi what RJI RIV 6, pi \ av TOV sleep, the SOV vvil since assertoric content does not respect the compositionality principle. As a paradigmatic VAE kf "Comrade APW Wear aa of T Tix oop IAV \ a (VTE 3, EA evijv" TRO / t Tei VAV apparent complications with the interaction of temporal expressions and attitude reports Taj '. Av the torus 5 / ". Ovv ev (nt TOV All GIE xl Qov TFG eX ^ / T ^ ii Xiiit Orja evaluation example, Kaplan's formal language LD is shown to exemplify a failure of compositionality. It is of av, t ^ v St. lift 'EA Evia century pirates Attorney V t (i) v 'E7 vrjv WktKT PA ri Oe Kp (e ^ oj demonstrated that by respecting the theoretical distinction between the objects of assertion and Acevi Pave 7 AAV ETG This page AV yei Hg in sleep TAV rrjv oe (e ^ it Aov veiv stories. Ett tf tf Wear compositional values certain conflicts between compositionality and contextualism are avoided. This Pave '-6e AAO ^ - Cat / Kat y vvat Kos SAE Traiv EUA jux're af Kvov TCV has VNO VOV POV includes the conflict between eternalism and the semantics of tense, the embedding problems for j XE av Txv Eve / Let Your to F ae you at Kate's nine nights eh. o'i ve (TEG daav p6 i contextualism about epistemic modals and taste claims, and the conflict between direct

ov ov \ v ap pyo yet vg is assessed and shown to be non-threatening.

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