Monday, January 3, 2011

2 poems || Raymond Farr

Gift Wrapped Apart

The Other tried to become
Loft of the inherited “I”
As “I” mistook perspective turned x-ray
An eye-dropper-half of mirrored sense
Looked down like swerve to disregard
The Other dropped faithfully to the cliff face
On Bridge Drosophilae apart
Open immiscible clear space as being
Occurred appeared a trudged up hill
How naked intruded
Like money rolled & stacked
The plains the vast great stretches of road
Driven like that old tale once
About a gone waitress
Sally & Hugo (her ex)
The tell of it like some aspect of smoke in it
In the fist a heart not known to be suspect
Turn and twin of the monumental
The doldrums of “I” gift wrapped at Walgreen’s
On the load-drop
I up took my grace among lifting backs
Lifted faces

X-tra Wide “A”ngle Writes “Lens”

Words explain “A” by duplicating explanations of “A.”
A poetic field plots an impulse fraught with “A”narchy.
Gott, und my ally, Salome, limit the space in “A’s” shadow.
“A’s” jist orients our mouths, ontologically a voice.
In tha house invigorates “A’s” common poetics, word, y’all.
On-camera, “A” hosts NBC’s talk show, Scripted Conflict.
“A’s” flat-worlded art is an art in name only.
Screams of fungus are a human condition; “A” is a volume.
A duped writ annotates while “A” is a cone that’s not a cone.
“post-A” states a door is a precinct; a precinct a gaol.
“A” writes: Coventry is a monk derived by signification.
Like “narrative,” “A” errs in dogmas buffooned by subtexts.
Does the black skin of “A” in the curve of the drive?
An aspect of “A” copes by processing “the terrible odes.”
Fibs are slits in “A’s” mask; eyes illumine the edges of use.
“Maintain the abruptly,” articulates “A”, our commander-in-chief.
Histoire, according to “A,” interrogates poems in fallen Gaul.
“A” is the info in the distance of here.

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