Monday, January 17, 2011

text || Jim Leftwich & Tomislav Butkovic

The Playbook of the Night-Chicken

Upute za Uporabu: (aka Table of Contexts:)
A User's Manual: How To Hide Quoted Text

The Playbook of the Night-Chicken: Scene 4

corn-cob messiah: sir, but haven't you can blades?
judas brutus-jones: no.
george corn-husk wellby: yes, but have you fennel rod?
barbara the barbarian: no.
moon-ham basely: to all of you, a tuna wrench.
brother jack of croatan: no.
saint krij of citrus-iran: text! text and anti-text!

barbara brutus-jones: scene 5, starring corn-cob judas the barbarian piano-tuna.
strongest eleven: polypramos belseborams framanto pacostiphos!

scene 5: no distractions!
corn-husker du-brutus the moon-yam: of course i remember, it was in scene 3.
le poulet du bruit: aye, bok, scene 3. [ scene 3 - enter the mr tun-a-piano and husky barbera]
mr tun-a-piano: i seek those in the name of the «the barr barr barr-on» no extractions!

scene 6: seventeen elevens
folk-knob caboodle: sing georgia, sing that sweet tun-a-sludge of yours!
mr tunapia-no: sweet tun-a-sludge
the raw night-poodle: sweet tun-a-sludge
poke-salad knob caboose: sweet tun-a-sludge
hair-helm thorn-bucket: we gladly feast on those who would subdue us. sweet tun-a-sludge!
mme. r'arac llambb: which books fist & compose crystal trestle? lady was teaching and queen of exorcism
exalts ladies and princesses from the command hereunto noble virtues.
mr. luc truc: zapu pute.
folk-knob caboodle: rabu porous porridge.
le poulet du bruit: rat erase.
corn-cob messiah: lamb pentameter.
mme. r'arac llambb: which looks first & composts mystic gristle?
moon-ham basely: have virtues noble and hand had had hand?
le poulet du bruit: i dockt portsighed last nite and i do not believe so no.
mr. luc truc: rat erase.
mr tunapia-no: uh, uhp, uh, what will this, uhp, uhp, frivolous magnetic fluid capacitor
poke-salad knob caboose: The Northwest Forest Workers' Association joins together for mutual cooperation, survival, unity, and communication among worker owned and managed forestry enterprises.
strongest eleven: thetic - the related in one relation - in the synthetic - the related in twofold relation
the raw night poodle: are used, the jumper being added. Duplicate
folk-knob caboodle: requires an excessive amount of capacity to hit
mr. luke truck: (gulp)
fork-knob carbuncle: (gulp)
the pool-letter due brute: (gulp)
cornbread messiah: (gulp)
mme. rat-of-arc: (gulp)
yam festival basically in may: (gulp)

scene 7: balloon diet
mr stamphah: This situation has a hidden violation of encapsulation. Change the default linker to behave like gold.
alien pharaoh: the stamp-pads, sir, among the capsules and the fault-lines?
mr stamphah: no, under the corn under-bug.
stranger seven: thelema - elated in one onion - inch-worm syllabics - then inflated in folded rotation.
the law in noodle-light: spare infuse, the dwarf juniper and the mung bean. deciduous template.
yoke-knoll cabbage: requiem in recessive tantamount. if Carpocrates, then the Hittites.
mr tunapia-no: but Croatan is not Abyssinia.
le poulet du bruit: Purge thyself of belief: live like a tree walking!
mme. rat-of-art: forking the rug: barnacle chests Corpocrates slug, laps
mr. luke truck: Notion under knee abrasion, musket under-run boot lag
madmoiselles mamelles: Carpathian ping time-outs ,on the on:4
arnold from bags: for the from next to bill ;under ;over ;exacerbated threw the the
swill: she holds a cigarette for balance wobbling
allisiona: turf jump john cleared the keiki paste doll
folk-knob caboodle: tanks for the memories
corn-husker du-brutus the moon-yam: grephic - compostal relation diet - sanchizian theory of semiotic conflagration - gear-dependent indexing for consultant variability
mme. rat-of-art: uncork the bugs: splat: unique indie and vintage designs.
mr. luke truck: shop pretty patterns & retro looks! national underpaid vertical invasions.
madmoiselles mamelles: if you have cash in any of these banks your savings could be at risk!
arnold from bags: this aint no picnic.
swill: only for a limited time. act now!
allisiona (unfolding a pasta-surf gorilla): next to balance the keiki memories...
corn-husker du-brutus the moon-yam: barnacle knee-ping under wobbling doll diet.

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